Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Soundtrack: Jessie J Meets Twenties Girl

I'm going all-out pop for this week's book soundtrack. The song I've chosen is Jessie J's Domino. This piece is just fun to listen to -- plain and simple. There is no depth to the lyric and no clever subtext. It's a song about dancing and having fun. The narrator is free-spirited and bold as she approaches her love-interest and tells him to take her "down like a domino."

Sure, it's a cheesy brand of risque. Jessie's brazen soprano voice teases her lover, daring him to join her under the moonlight for some dirty-dancing. She sounds like a cute, young vixen who might be jail bait. He can't resist, so he takes a chance. The infectious dance rhythms and care-free melody pay homage to the queens of classic 80s pop: Madonna, Whitney Houston, The Bangles.

I think Domino is the perfect soundtrack for Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl. Lara is twenty-seven. Her career and love-life are at a stand-still. She was just dumped by her boyfriend, and she's in a questionable business relationship with a close friend.

When Lara is visited by the twenty-something-year-old ghost of her Aunt Sadie, she questions her sanity. Her Aunt Sadie is entirely different from Lara; she 's a free-spirit, both literally and figuratively. She takes risks. She's beguiling and fearless.  She knows how to have a good time. Together, they get into all sorts of mischievous adventures.

Domino reminds me of Sadie's spirit. She loves to dance; she loves to flirt, and she has no qualms about going after what she wants.


  1. it's a great book. i've read most of kinsella's books, and they rock. :)