Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Soul Pancake: What's Stopping You?

Today's Soulpancake exercise is called "What's Stopping You?":

 List 5 risks you haven't had the guts to take yet.
1.  Moving.  I sometimes dream of moving to the country.  I love the idea of being surrounded by thickets of trees and bushes instead of gold arches and liquor stores.  What's the worse that could happen?  I don't know.  I guess I'm scared that I just couldn't make it happen. I couldn't find a new teaching job to support myself.  Then I'd feel like a failure -- a stuck failure.
2.  Calling my friend who I haven't called in a few years.  We haven't had a falling out or anything like that.  We just kind of lost touch with each other.  She lives up north and has been raising a family.  I miss her.  She taught me how to drive when we were in college.  What's the worse that could happen?  At the sound of my voice coming through her telephone she could become overwhelmed with anger and call me a bad, bad friend.  Or she could remain calm and throughout our conversation allow her anger to percolate and seep through the tone of her voice giving it a I'm really pissed off at you but I'm going act like I'm happy to hear from you quality.

3.  Pursuing a Masters degree and/or a National Teacher Certification.  What's the worse that could happen?  I could get halfway through, quit and then feel dumb for having started in the first place. 

4.  Performing solo in front of a live audience.  I haven't done it since college, and back then my recitals always came with large side orders of queasy stomach, cold sweaty palms, and laryngitis.  What's the worse that could happen?  Queasy stomach, cold sweaty palms, laryngitis, -- oh, and an attack of rotten tomatoes. 

5.  Publishing a second book.  What's the worse that could happen?  People would say it sucks.

This exercise was challenging.   Try it out.  What's stopping you?


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